Saturday, 12 November 2016

I have some questions...

Did Dizzee Rascal jack the chorus for Dance Wiv Me from DJ Cam & Afu Ra's 'Voodoo Child' ? If so would that be the strangest example of pop sourcing inspiration from underground rap since Jamie Redknapp's missus went in over the Wu's Shame On A Nuh instrumental?

While we're on the subject of jackin for beats, has anyone mentioned the similarity between Blackstreet's 'No Diggity' beat (1996) and Smoothe Da Hustler's 'Broken Language' (1995) ? Specfically the 'dun-da-da-da-dun-dun'.

Why doesn't the normal album version of De La's 'Eye Know' exist on 12"?

Who is the English bloke sampled at the beginning of 'Skills' by Gang Starr ?

How badly was Donald Trump anticipating Method Man's second album and how did he think it compared to Tical? Personally I was a bit disappointed  at the time although listening back to it recently there's a handful of decent tracks.  Also, given how many times Raekwon had reference The Donald in his lyrics, do you think he was a bit put out Trump ended up on Meth's album instead?

Will the trend for rappers with whiny/high pitched voices ever go away?

At what point will people stop buying 7" vinyl versions of rap songs they already own?

Can anyone out there hook me up with copies (digital or otherwise) of the Rocafella Mixtape Volume 2  or Clark Kent's Lafayette 7th Anniversary mix ?

Finally why is it I haven't listened to the new Tribe album (or the De La one for that matter) but have played this 4 times today after having it stuck in my head for the last 24 hours?


  1. John Parr lookin' like a cross between a Kraut porn star and Roll from Eastenders.

    As long as there are ageing rap fans with disposable income who are stuck in the past, 7"s ain't going nowhere.

  2. thought John Parr might be a good alias for a UK Road Rapper.

    not entirely mad at the 7" thing as I made a tidy amount selling off a stack I'd had in the cupboard since the early 90s but seems like its just buying records for the sake of it. Plus Peter Rosenberg is, like, soooo, into 45s right now guys.