Saturday 7 May 2016

Biggie & Mase freestyle (1997)

I liberated this from DJ Absolut's 'When Disaster Strikes' mixtape. Biggie and Mase rhyming over the 'Benjamins' beat at Angie Martinez's birthday party in 1997. Quality isn't flawless but I hadn't heard it before so here you go. Shout out to Grime & Lime.

Was 3 days into the month before I realised I forgot to upload May's First Of The Month mix. I had one ready aswell but as it was a mid 90s House mix you can probably live without it. Might throw something on here soon if I get time.


  1. oh all that sh8t you be having you never heard this? I have the whole version crystal clear well as clear as you'll find it ... LOX on it KISS and Sheek say something off the first album and SP kill it ... M ase verse is what he said when he came here to Philly and battled Tommy Hill Ramsquad

  2. You able to upload the full version?