Saturday, 20 February 2016

nothing new to post but it's ok..its a saturday!

It's a De La Soul reference. Been mostly listening to old Jungle/D&B mixes for the last week so havent ripped anything for the blog. Just having a browse now to see what Rap stuff has appeared and came across a few things that may be relevant to your interests. The blog post equivalent of a shout out track if you like...

Mister Cee - Classic Dancehall mix on Hot 97's Throwback at noon slot

DJ Clue - The Perfect Desert Storm 2000

Clark Kent on WBLS from 1989

Rakim: The Early Years (an oral history as told by those present)

Angela Davis interviews Ice Cube in 1991

I re-upped my compilation of Ice T b-sides, remixes & features 

The photo at the top is Big Pun & Fat Joe performing at Rikers Island in 1998, courtesy of Up North Trips. Not relevant to this post but I like it. Pun still reminds me of Ricky Grover though

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