Saturday 13 December 2014

DJ Three - Underground Flow 2 (1996)

When you think of the indie rap era, it typically brings to mind that period in the late 90s when labels like Rawkus, Guesswhyld and Game and a certain type of sound came to prominence. Independent labels had obviously existed prior to that though, but it was on an even more low key and underground basis, without the additional exposure that comes with something being officially considered part of a new sub-genre or "scene". Limited pressings (as opposed to the five figure numbers Rawkus were probably shifting) and usually in plain black sleeves with limited info - no glossy sleeves and picture covers. It was rare to even know what the artists looked like and for some of them it might have been the only mark they made in the rap world. There was a slew of great, if slightly obscure, 12"s in the mid 90s and a bunch of them are included on this DJ Three tape....