Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DJ Step One - Doctor's Orders/Jazzy Jeff competition mix

I don't really tend to look to DJ out much these days. Partly because of the lack of decent venues in my area, partly because being in my mid-30s I started finding it less fun playing to 18 year olds who only want to hear Rihanna and Rudimental, and partly because the novelty of it all had worn off a bit after 15 odd years.
However, if a good opportunity presents itself I'm not one to turn it down so when London club promoters The Doctor's Orders set up a competition to win a warm-up set on a night when 3 of my favourite DJs are playing I had to step up and get busy with this 30 minute mix. I've very rarely asked for much in return over the 640 posts so if you could all oblige with clicking play on the mix above (as I'm sure you were going to anyway) it would be appreciated.

UPDATE - Having hit the target of 100 plays in just over 24 hours, here's the link to download the mix