Saturday 31 May 2014

DJ 7L - Can I Live?
hosted by Tragedy Khadafi

Back to ripping tapes as promised. This is yet another one donated by Junior Pepaseed; DJ 7L drops some Gang Starr, LOX, Sauce Money and (of course) Tragedy joints amongst others. Nicely mixed as you'd expect.

(I'm giving Mediafire another try on the off chance their links stay up longer than the other sites I've used)

You can get the tracklist here.

As a bonus, here is the 90s mix 7L kindly did for my radio show a couple of years ago, but without me talking over it



  1. Yo!!
    Do you have any of the 7L tapes,
    I can't remember much apart from one of them kicks off with UMC's 'one two, One two' ??

  2. Nope. This is the only one I have at the moment.