Thursday, 15 May 2014

Bloggin ain't a thang

Quick State Of The Union address right chea: After the whole virus fuckery I managed to reinstall Adobe Audition (the programme I use to rip and edit audio) but can't seem to get the settings right so I can't do any new tape rips (or rape tips as that unintentionally amusing typo I just corrected would have it) or upload the recent mix I did which is rather dope if I do say so myself. I've also started a new job which has changed up my daily routine a bit, and also exposed me to daytime radio and current chart music for the first time in about 10 years. The first day of it was fine but after hearing 'Happy' every fucking hour your patience wears thin.
Anyway, I'm going to endeavour to make get the posts going regularly. I just might switch up the content a bit. 5 years of mostly exclusive content is good going but its getting to the stage where the unheard gems are now few and far between. I've got a lot of good rap music sitting here though and even though its not rare you might not know it. I've also got a couple of other things on deck that will hopefully be appearing at an established online outlet near you soon.
Other people you should endear yourselves to in the meantime include

Grime And Lime for some good 90s mixtapes

Random Rap Radio for some random rap radio

The Martorialist because he'll make you like songs you thought you'd hate

and keep an eye on The Track

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