Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Philly's Most Wanted - Next Episode freestyle (2000)

Philly's Most Wanted first came to my attention via a German music channel I used to pick up on satellite. They had the video for 'Cross The Border' in heavy rotation for a while and as it has one of those choruses that will stay stuck in your head for days, I eventually ended up copping the 12". 
The remix that followed flipped it into a whole different track, with a beat that sounds like the Neptunes' take on Its All About The Benjamins and guest verses from Pusha T (back when he was known as Terrar) and Fabolous, who's gets his maths all wrong and implies he was a big time coke dealer at the age of 12. Both tracks are a bit slept on well worth picking up. You get the feeling that if the Clipse weren't around, PMW could have been the ones getting first refusal on beats like 'Grindin' and Boo-Bonic might be wowing hipsters with increasingly bland drug raps over shitty beats instead of  the aforementioned Pusha.
Anyway, this is taken from a promo 12" for the duo's album (there was also a DJ Clue hosted mix CD which is why he's on the intro). 5 minutes over Dre's 'Next Episode' beat...

For all the talk about 'bringing New York back' - which lets face it, still hasn't happened after nearly 10 years - a Philly renaissance its well over due.

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