Thursday 13 June 2013

Roc Raida 'What187 FM' (2000)

Dope tape by the late great Roc Raida. The tracklist is standard golden era fare (which wasn't as played out back then) flawlessly mixed and blended, interspersed with a couple of guest routines from Q-Bert and Total Eclipse, plus various skits from the hosts of WHAT187 FM and the sort of humour that was ubiquitous on turntablist mixtapes back then.

Thanks to Tobes for the tape.


  1. I have this alrrady but its a great drop, a favpurite mixtape of mine!!!! great blog, im always checking it, but I should do you more justice and check out your show too - apologies.

  2. thanks for sharing.dope roc raida.