Sunday 2 June 2013

Dave Ruf - Radio Zero (2000)

Before the days of streaming audio and podcasts, Dave Ruf had the idea of promoting his label and mail-order shop by taping a regular show to showcase the latest indie releases from both sides of the Atlantic. Available by mail-order only - you might remember the ads in the back of HHC - the tapes quickly gained popularity with fans in the UK and Europe starved of Hip Hop on their radio and Andy has been good enough sent me a batch to upload. This is very much on the 'purist' tip so if you weren't too keen on the Clue, Kay Slay and Juice CDs I've dropped recently but prefer stuff like Del, Jigmastas, High & Mighty, Souls Of Mischief and Lewis Parker then this should be right up your street.

Download January 2000

Download July 2000

Download November 2000

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  1. A man can appreciate Kay Slay and The Ruf... And I do! Thanks for posting these...