Saturday 25 May 2013

DJ Clue - Hate Me Now 2 (2002)

Staying on the early 00s mixtape tip, this one got a lot of play from me back in the day. Rocafella were running things back then and they're all over the tracklist, particularly as 'State Property' was about to drop. These CDs are always good for rediscovering or picking up on songs that didn't really blow up; personal favourites on this one are Mobb Deep's 'Its Over' (listed as 'U Aint Ready 2 Die'), the Styles P freestyle over 'Times Up' and Beanie Sigel & Young Chris 'Home Of Philly'. As cheesey as the sample is, I always liked 'The Champions' aswell (and I fucking hate Queen). I think that might be the first time I heard Kanye rap.


  1. Yeah I bought that tape when I was on a trip to London, there's some real bangers on there, Its one of my personal faves. Don't suppose you have Vol.1 & Vol.3 of the Hate Me Now Series ? Been on the lookout for them for years. Cheers DJ Stepone :)

  2. YESHYESH, as ever, big respect is automatic.

    Cheers for this, Clue was one of the best in the tape game, 'CMON' !

    This is gettin dropped in the sunshine tday, thanks again dunn.

  3. dont have Vols 1 & 3 Im afraid but I'll post them if I find them

  4. the link is dead please re upload it...