Wednesday 7 November 2012

Shyne - Tim Westwood freestyle (1999)

More Bad Boy ish. Shyne spits something for Tim Westwood back in '99...

I was never completely sold on Shyne when he first came out but he had a few decent tracks on that first album, mainly the singles 'Bad Boys' and 'Thats Gangsta'. I was in NY when his second one dropped (while he was in prison if I remember right) and the hype was ridiculous. The jail sentence had elevated him from "competent rapper that sounds a bit like Biggie" to "da riliss in da streetz, yo!" but the lead single was called 'Jimmy Choo' for fucks sake. There was also a joint using the 'Verbal Intercourse' beat which I cant find anywhere. Could've been a mixtape thing I guess. If anyone knows what I'm on about hook me up. I dont like the way P Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers either.


  1. The track you're talking about was "The Gang (feat Foxy Brown)." And there was a version before that, on Kay Slay's 'Racial Profiling' tape that had Troy Sluggs on instead of Foxy.

  2. The song you're talking about is called "The Gang" featuring Foxy.

  3. Commission off his first album was great too, but, yeah, I'd much rather that and Bad Boyz had gone to Black Rob or G. Dep instead.