Thursday, 2 August 2012

DJ Step One 'Tell Em What The 90s Like'

Been a while since I dropped a mix, mainly because of the time I spend doing radio related stuff these days. I've been off work this week so I've had a bit of time on my hands. Here's 60 minutes of straight East Coast bangers from 95-96



Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
Real Live – Money And Shows
Trigga Da Gambler ft Smoothe Da Hustler & DV Alias Khrist – My Crew Cant Go For That
Jeru The Damaja – Frustrated Nigga
Redman – Can’t Wait (remix)
DJ Sizzahandz – Shoot Em Up
Kool G Rap & Nas – Fast Life (Vinyl Reanimators remix)
The LOX ft Notorious BIG –You’ll See
Beatnuts – Find That
Ill Al Skratch – Dont Shut Down On A Player
MOP ft Kool G Rap – Stick To Ya Gunz
KRS One – The MC
Crooklyn Clan – This DJ
Raekwon ft Ghostface & Nas – Verbal Intercourse
Paula Perry & Que 45 – Getta Grip Muthaphukas
Big Noyd ft Prodigy – Recognize And Realise
Soul Kid Klick – Mortal Kombat
Cella Dwellas – Advance To Boardwalk
The Firm – Affirmative Action (remix)


  1. Another superb mix ,however the download link requires permission. So good , I want it on my portable player !

  2. thanks, mediafire is being a bit weird at the moment but you should be able to d/load it ok

  3. Checkin` this out, especially for that Paula Perry & Que 45 "Getta Grip Muthaphukas" joint! Been a mad long time since I heard it. The other joints on here can only make the mix iLLeR, thanks in advance!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n...