Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DJ Step One
The Infinite Hip Hop Show (25.08.12)

Fully aware that I haven't posted anything since the last show 2 weeks ago but there's been sunshine, birthdays and all sorts of other business to deal with.

Also, Mediafire are being fucking idiots and acting on DCMA-related complaints from cowboy fuckers like these, who basically collate a list of random links, send mediafire a notice to remove them for copyright infrigement and then charge their clients, claiming that said links were for material they owned. So far, I'm on 2 strikes (a DJ S&S mixtape from 1996 and a Method Man & Redman radio freestyle FFS) so there's quite a large possiblity that at some point some cunt in an office in France will decide to charge Warner Bros for the removal of a link they have nothing to do with, and that will be the end of this Kid Capri mixtape.
I'll be persevering with caution in the meantime but will try and drop a couple of treats this week.

For more details on how people are manipulating DCMA legislation for their own benefit, you could read this

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