Sunday, 24 June 2012

y'all can't copyright no beats!

I received my first warning/take down notice from Blogger this week, for uploading this of all things. I emailed them back (to no response)to ask exactly who's copyright I had violated as the record in question isn't an unofficial release and I was curious as to who had beef: the dude that put it out, Ice Cube, Puffy, DMX or Survivor. That's 4 different record labels.
In the 3+ years I've been doing this I've generally stayed away from uploading commercial releases and things that are easily available to purchase but I was suprised that in over 400 posts that was the thing that got picked up on. It wasn't even listed on Discogs until a couple of weeks ago.
Anyway, at the risk of getting this whole thing shut down, I'll attempt to press on.


  1. It's a joke, isn't it?
    I got a takedown order from Blogger/DMCA about 3 years ago. Apparently someone had complained about my Mike Allen radio show links.
    Just unbelievable.

  2. I've had takedown orders for both Def Jam and Bad Boy material. Probably a combination on that post of yours.

  3. Im just suprised that a) it took that long and b) thats the one they picked up on.
    Im in favour of those blogs that just post up entire albums being shut down but if they start going after mixtapes and radio shows then its getting out of hand.

  4. Eh, more proof that these agencies are in completely over their head and are just shooting in the dark. I hope you don't have any further problems here, good luck.