Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Max LX & Dave VJ on Kiss FM (1994)

Max & Dave's Kiss FM Rap Show from September 1994. Starts off with that week's Top 20 which included Black Moon, OC, Biggie and Gravediggaz and then into a few new releases from Keith Murray and Lords Of The Underground...


If you're wondering why 'Dre Day' is on a chart from 1994 when it came out in 92, its down to the 90s trend of UK record labels consistently fucking up the releases of Hip Hop singles. Even certified US hits like 'OPP', 'Jump Around' and 'Nuthin But A G Thang' struggled to make a dent on the UK Top 40 despite being re-released 2 or 3 times, usually because the target audience had already got the album or copped the import 12". At the time, the BBC would rarely have more than one rap record on its daytime playlist - and being the only national station it had major influence on the sales charts - so reaching a wider audience wasn't easy. Although the impact of 'urban' on the mainstream and the emergence of stations like MTV Base and 1xtra meant that the early 00s finally saw less of a gap between UK and US releases, records companies continued to drop the ball well into the 00s on potential chart hits like 'Tell Me When To Go', 'We Fly High' and 'Get Low'

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