Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The first Infinite Hip Hop show on Kane FM!

Last month I introduced you to Kane FM, a new (legal) radio station that recently launched near me in a town called Guildford, which is just outside London. This past Sunday I hosted my first 2 hour show and here it is!

The idea behind the show is that it will cover all types of Hip Hop whether it be old, new, US, UK, East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South or whatever.
For the first hour I wasn't mixing, just dropping a few of my favourite tracks from the last couple of years alongside a few new bits. The second hour I went in the mix with some mid-90s classics. Nothing too adventurous as I was trying to keep it simple so I could check texts/emails and host the show etc. Its a bit rough around the edges but thought I'd throw it up on here just so I can look back on it in the the future when I've hopefully improved a bit.
The show is monthly at the moment but I'm also going to be doing a fortnightly 'Throwback' old school slot playing a bit of everything. Hopefully by the next time I'm up there BT will have sorted the studio broadband out and we'll be streaming online.
All constructive feedback welcome. Shout to @TeamTorae for the radio versions. Thanks to Masta Ace, Mystro & Fallacy for the drops and Deeflux, Subterra, DJ Mystery and the whole Kane FM crew for helping to makw it happen in one way or another!

(Sorry if I'm rambling but my own radio show is something I've wanted to do since I was about 10 years old so it's kind of a big deal and I'm gonna milk it for a bit)

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