Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bars N Hooks ft Prodigy 'Aint Nobody' (2003)

Earlier this year you might remember me posting this 12" by Mobb Deep affiliates Bars N Hooks. I'd been looking for the Gap Band sampling 'Mind Blowin' for about 10 years at the time. A few weeks ago I stumbled across this 12" by the duo, which I was previously unaware of...


As with the other release it features Prodigy and it also samples a well known 80s soul classic. This time around production is handled by Just Blaze but the release was confined to indie label Sure Shot (although it comes in an AV8 sleeve with AV371 inscribed in the run out groove). If you like early 00s East Coast thug rap on top of instantly recognisable samples - which I do - you'll enjoy this.

I had planned on dropping a few tape rips this week but my tape player has died. Bit awkward as its not technically mine but I've had it on loan for about 2 years now. Not really sure where that leaves me as far as compensating the owner. Chances are if I gave it back without saying anything he's never gonna use it and might never know. Personally I'm more concerned with where I can get a fucking tape player from in 2011. Hopefully I'll be back on the tapes soon anyway.


  1. Much appreciate the rare heat on here Step. I been looking for Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm (Demo mix) banger and thought you might have it. Cipha Sounds put it up a while ago but the links died. It came out on this 12:

    Any help tracking this down much appreciated bro!

  2. thought I had it but its nowhere to be found Could well have been lost on an old computer. Id say your best bet is the TROY forum

  3. Thanks mate will give em a shout. Also after Pudgee & Biggie unreleased track called "Think Big" if you can help.

    I Found the original version of Big Puns Dream shatterer which is a must if you havent got it already

  4. cool, heres the Pudgee/Biggie track