Sunday 25 September 2011

Doo Wop 'The War Report' (2001)

One of the lesser spotted Wop mixtapes, this dropped in late 2001 and features more than a few rappers who'd qualify for XXL's 'Milk Carton' feature (is that still going?). There was a time when Ali Vegas, Poster Boy, Dutch & Spade and Littles were all vying for the position of NYCs 'next to blow' but never quite made the cut in the ensuing Roc/Dipset/G Unit era that followed. Anyway, if you like your early 00s NYC Street Hop this is worth a look...



  1. Thanks! Doo Wop mixtapes are always appreciated, and I didn't know about this one..

  2. Only just realised I published the draft version with no text, so I've just updated it.
    I havent seen this posted up anywhere else but found it in my flatmate's CD wallet and thought it'd be worth a post.

  3. can you re-upload? the link is dead :/