Tuesday 6 September 2011

Doo Wop 'Gangstas Paradise' (2000)

I've been meaning to rip this for ages as anything Doo Wop related seems to go down well round these parts...


There's some great stuff on here, my personal favourite being Treach ripping it over the 'Keep It Thoro' beat, which serves to remind that a solo album from the NBN frontman could've been dope with the right production. Journalist spitting over 'Mass Appeal' is nice, as is Nature over 'So Ghetto'. There's also 2 Prodigy joints, one with him dissing Jay Z over the 'Hail Mary' instrumental and the other a collaboration with E-Money Bags over 'Phone Tap'. If you need any more convincing head for the Lord Tariq and Big Daddy Kane tracks.


  1. Treach over Keep It Thoro and E-Money Bags over Phone Tap, eh? I'm there.

  2. Treach goes at Kay Gee on that one. Shame its not a bit longer.

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