Monday, 29 August 2011

Jay Z, Memphis Bleek & Geda K
'Murda Murda' unreleased version (2001)

This track first did the rounds on mixtapes and bootleg vinyl around mid-2001, and was known variously as 'South Philly Niggaz', 'Murder Marceyville', and - on one white label - 'Chill'. It re-appeared in early 2002 with new verses and Beanie Sigel replacing Geda K. Then it all went quiet again until it finally got an official release on Memphis Bleek's 'M.A.D.E' album in December 03.


The original version has Jay dissing Jayo Felony (I forget why, as I expect everyone else has, apart from Jayo who will probably be dining out on the story for years) and Bleek taking a shot at Nas. Geda K, who at the time was signed to Rocafella's short lived spin-off label Carter Faculty, comes in to wrap things up with a solid verse. The version that made it to retail is equally as strong, as you'd expect from The Roc in 2003. Sigel kills it "for real".
As for the 12" you see in the picture, it was probably a bit optimistic for the bootleggers to go with the 'Blueprint 2' tagline as that wouldnt hit shelves for another 18 months. The only track to make it onto the album was the frankly awesome 'Show You'. The others were mixtape staple 'Addicted To The Game' and personal favourite 'Early This Morning'.

I wish Jay Z still made records like this.

UPDATE 30/08 - Here's 'Addicted To The Game' and 'Early This Morning'



  1. Step,

    thanks for the tracks!
    Do you have this 12"?
    Is the version of Show You here any different from the album version (by which you mean the bonus track Show You How tagged on the end of the Curse disc, right?
    And if Early This Morning and Addicted To The Game are also on this 12", can you please rip and post them? It would be reat to have them in better quality.

  2. 'Show You' is the same version that appeared on BP2. I'll update the post in a minute with the other 2 tracks (cant promise they'll be better quality than whats already out there though!)

  3. This is great, Step! Sound is much better than the files I had. Didn't know these songs are from 2001. Thank you for the songs and the info!

  4. Step, the Show You song from the vinyl should have the outro that wasn't on the BP2 album. I personally think the outro gave that song the extra spark to make it one of my favorites. "Never listen to number 4, that shits wack. A little in the baggy, a little in he purse" Thanks for the post.