Thursday, 11 August 2011

DJ Jay Ski - Volume 25 (1997)

Have to admit that Philly's Jay Ski wasn't a DJ I was familiar with until recently, but having been sent a stack of his tapes (shout to Richard!) he's definitely up there with the best of them. Not too heavy on the scratching and with a good mix of big names and indie joints, this is well worth a listen...

(click on the image to enlarge the tracklist)


  1. He's part of the Skratch Makanik Crew, with Spinbad, Sat-One, Excel, Bee, A.Vee, etc, they're all dope! I recommend any mixes from any of them. :)

  2. thanks man, I'm a fan of Spinbad. Didnt realise they were affiliated. Do you know if Jay Ski is still DJing?

  3. Sorry for the late reply, been hella busy, yeah as far as I know, he played earlier this year at the Colosseum with DJ King B. Cheers for posting some of this volumes, I actually never knew he released these :)

  4. Oh almost forgot he has his own podcast with DJ Tactics over at:

    So yeah, he's still DJing :)