Friday 6 May 2011

live on stage...

Got my ticket for this (and possibly a spare the way things are going). I'm more amped to see De La and Rakim for the first time than I am Mos and Talib but all 3 acts in the same night should be great. We don't get that very often in the UK! Just hoping Rakim shows up - he cancelled his last 2 UK shows in recent years.
Good to see promoters in London keeping the shows coming. Check Ah Sh!t for the latest gig info in the capital.


  1. Nice, De La always deliver with their live show.

    Rakim should be in Nottingham tomorrow too (unfortunately I can't make it though),.

  2. A pal of mine is putting on the Manc show and I'm appalled that fucking Black Star are headlining over Rakim and De La.

  3. yeah, its a weird one. I know De La play the UK regularly but Rakim hasnt been here for a while as far as I know. I'm hoping its not full of Rawkus fanboys who never heard Paid In Full.