Monday 3 January 2011

DJ Step One - 1999 to 2000 mix

Thought I'd take my mind of the impending return to work with a mix of some stuff from 1999-2000. This isn't a 'Best Of' that era by any means but do you really need to hear 'Simon Says' and 'Nas Is Like' again?


Eminem 'Role Model'
Prodigy 'Keep It Thoro'
Cam'ron ft Prodigy 'Losin Weight'
Harlem World ft Snoop Dogg 'Cali Chronic' (LBC mix)
Pace Won 'I Declare War'
Lord Finesse & OC 'Ya Better Recognize'
The LOX 'Recognize'
Lil Cease ft Mr Bristal, G Dep & Busta Rhymes 'More Dangerous'
Gang Starr ft Total 'Discipline'
Ghostface Killah 'One'
GZA 'Publicity'
Marley Marl ft LL Cool J 'Haters'
Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'Back On The Block'
Q-N-C 'Repertoire'
De La Soul ft Redman 'Oooh'
Erick Sermon ft Redman & Keith Murray 'Hostility'
Made Men ft Big Pun, Mase & Cardin 'Deja Vu' (remix)
Juvenile ft Jay Z 'Ha' (remix)
Shyne 'Thats Gangsta'
Shabazz The Disciple 'Brooklyn Bullshit'
Black Rob & The LOX 'Can I Live'


  1. nice work as always thanks bro ...

  2. Losin' Weight = masterpiece.

    Lookin' foward to hearin' this Cease song with Dep.

  3. I actually slept on Losin Weight when it first dropped and only really discovered it after I heard 50 & Banks use it on a G Unit freestyle

  4. also, theres another dude rhyming on that Cease track in between Cease & Dep - cant place the voice. Could be one of Junior MAFIA but no clue which one. Any ideas?

  5. Google says it's someone called Mr. Bristal.

  6. ah ok. I've heard that name before but thought it was just an alias Cease used. As an aside, Cease isnt actually as wack I thought he was - even recently his verses on the 'New York Minute' remix and that Biggie tribute ('March 9th') have been decent.

  7. Bristal was a ghostwriter that used to run with Bad Boy/Junior Mafia at one time he was managed by Joey IE and also Funk Flex I believe. He had a minor regional hit in NY back in 2003 but his career never really took off as promised. I don't know if you have already but you should also do a 1997-1998 mix.

  8. thanks man. I've done a 97-99 one here but definitely planning on doing a few more

    Enjoying your blog by the way, keep it up