Saturday 11 December 2010

Smif N Wessun & Black Moon freestyles

First up today, taken from the same tape as the ODB freestyle below, is this Smif N Wessun freestyle done for Flex & Westwood's 'Rap Exchange' where Tim would take his Radio 1 show up to Hot 97.


And to go along with that, heres some more Bootcamp Click business courtesy of thewool over at the TROY forum. This is Black Moon and Smif N Wessun on Westwood's Capital FM show back in (I'd guess) 1994.



  1. Great stuff.

    Trying to track down an old Westwood tape with Mad Skillz (from '95/6?). He judged a phone-in battle. Fella called Big Major won it with a choice line about suggesting a "dip and sniff test" for a young lady. Skillz laughed his arse off. All very funny

    Great blog and all that.


  2. dont think I ever heard that but I'll keep an eye out for it