Wednesday 1 December 2010

Big Pun 'Pre-Trial Motion' promo tape (1998)

Not sure if its just me but Pun doesnt seem to be obessessed over as much as other dead rappers. It might be because he's got a relatively small catalogue for people to collect, remix and re-issue. It might also be because European rap nerds were too busy copping Mike Zoot 12"s in 1998 to pay attention to him. Whatever the reason, his first album is excellent and this is the promo tape Loud Records sent out to hype the release...


'Twinz' w/ Fat Joe
'Toe To Toe' w/ Cuban Link
'Off The Books' w/ Cuban Link & Beatnuts
'Wishful Thinking' w/ B Real, Fat Joe & Kool G Rap
'Firewater' w/ Raekwon & Fat Joe
'You Aint A Killer'
'Still Not A Player' w/ Joe (Attention Nerds: this mix is marginally different to the released version)

Shout to Mr Lawson for this one!


  1. I think I got all of this already but will take a chance. I hope that Still Not a Player is not just the OG version which got decent airplay few months before the other club Joe version, which is sick too.

  2. This is great! Thanks for the tape. And props to Step One for the dope blog!