Friday 16 April 2010

DJ Rectangle 'The Tables Have Turned' (1997)

In the mid to late 90s most mixtapes available in the UK were by NYC DJs who rarely strayed from the East Coast for their track selection. Aside from the occasional Snoop, Dre or Outkast track it was rare that artists from LA or the Bay Area were represented. Fortunately Rectangle was on the case and aswell as his tapes being really well mixed he'd have music from anyone making noise on the West Coast. This tape includes freestyles by The Luniz and Jayo Felony (over 'Kick In The Door') aswell as tracks by WC, Suga Free and Daz.

DJ Rectangle Intro
Jay Z 'I Know What Girls Like'
Master P 'Ghetto D'
The LOX 'Do You Think I'm Jiggy'
Busta Rhymes 'Dangerous'
Daz Dillinger 'Way Too Major'
Puff Daddy 'Big Ole Butt'
Mack 10 'Only In California'
Suga Free 'While U Bullshittin'
WC 'Give It Up'
The LOX 'If You Want It'
Mic Geronimo 'Nothing Move But The Money'
Jayo Felony 'Freestyle'
Gang Starr 'You Know My Steez'
EPMD 'The Joint'
The Firm 'Phone Tap'
Jay Z 'Streets Is Watching'
Puff Daddy 'SeƱorita'
Rakim 'It's Been A Long Time'
The Firm 'Fuck Somebody Else'
The Luniz 'Freestyle'
The Luniz 'Jus Me & U'
Ice Cube 'Greed'
EPMD 'Ritcher Scale'


  1. Nice.

    *Pedantic rap-nerd time* The Suga Free song is actually titled Why You Bullshittin'?.

  2. Do You have link to mp3 version?

  3. can't find the file right now. You'll have to make do with the mixcloud stream.

  4. Do You have a cassette version of: O.G. Style ; Ill Rated or Behind Bars?

  5. nope, just CDs. OG Style I only have a DLd copy off soundcloud.