Thursday 8 April 2010

Bobby J in the mix on Westwood (1995)

Bobby J was a part of Funkmaster Flex's Flip Squad back in the mid-90s and he'd regularly drop guest mixes on Tim Westwood's One FM Rap Show. This mix contains alot of the big tracks from the summer of 1995 including Biggie, KRS One, Smif N Wessun and Lost Boyz.



Despite rolling with Flex and releasing a handful of party break 12"s there's not much info online about the man also known as 'White Boy Roy'. Having asked around, it turns out he passed away a few years ago. RIP.


  1. Oh man, that's a shame... I loved some of his party break 12s, some of the tracks he put out were among the best in that style - "Tic Toc", "Check Out Da Style", "Bounce It"... all bangers!

  2. Bobby J taught me much about DJing when he managed Wheels In Motion in NJ. He was an asset to my life and taught me how to read the crowd, how to tunnel music and how to scratch. He was also very funny.

  3. thanks for the comment. Strange there's hardly any info about him online really. He was quite well known in the UK off the back of doing mixes on Westwood's show and rolling with Flex.