Friday 22 January 2010

London Posse on Kiss FM (1993)

Following my London Posse post last month (which proved quite popular), here's Rodney P & Bionic on Kiss FM, promoting the release of their new EP.
Kiss had only been a legal station for a couple of years at this point and the Wednesday night Rap show was hosted by Max LX & Dave VJ. Tracks off the EP are played during the interview and its finished off with a wicked freestyle over Lords Of The Underground's 'Funky Child' instrumental.

Massive big up and thanks to Mr Lawson for coming through and hooking me up with the tape of this. All I had was a really bad quality copy of the freestyle and seeing as it was something I played to death back then I'm loving having a decent MP3 of it!

London Posse biography

Although I was a regular listener I dont have any full tapes of Max N Dave's shows (I was young and didnt have money for new TDKs every week so I just taped the tracks I liked). If anyone out there has some they want to share get in touch.


  1. back in may 2009 you asked me if i was holdin this gold

    sadly i wasnt, but thanks to Mr Lawson, both of us and then some, are in full ownership

    big respect is automatic

    stay well


  2. Once I start going thru all my old unlabeled tapes, I'm sure I'll find plenty more shows from Max & Dave. Watch this space...

  3. A few of mine have been posted at like the Commmon, Blak Twang & Brand New Heavies set:

  4. Wow...Mr Lawson is DEEP like that...wot up dude?!