Sunday 25 October 2009

As I come back...

Following on from the last post, things seem to be sorted out - for the moment anyway.
Firstly, thanks to DJ Mystery for sorting out my laptop and getting Adobe Audition up and running again. Audacity doesnt quite cut it as far as editing/tape ripping goes.
Secondly, massive big up to DJ MK for responding to my last post and letting me have a dig through his crates of mixtapes. He's got a sick collection and although I only had time to scratch the surface I definitely came home with some treats for you.
Check back over the next few weeks for some classic Funkmaster Flex, Lord Finesse, Tony Touch, Stretch & Bobbito and more.
On top of all that, and after fighting my way back from North London in some shitty traffic, I get home to see that Liverpool have beaten Man Utd. Again! A good day all round then...


  1. Love the chart!

  2. Sheeeeeit... You know I'm hoping that "A Quarter To Midnight" is on one of those Bobbito tapes.
    Probably not, but with all the shows of theirs that have been getting uploaded, it's bound to surface.

    DJ MK- Let me know if you remember or have any of these demos, if you can, please:
    Terror Green - Check The File
    The See'ers - Don't F*ck With I
    The See'ers - Push Through Ya Crew

    Thanks Step One and MK.