Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Saxon Sound live in Brooklyn (1993)

Thought I'd go with something a bit different today as I've been listening to alot of reggae for the last week or so. I used to be quite into it but lost touch a few years back.
Then a friend recently sent me a DVD of last year's UK Cup Clash and I've been pulling out some of my old 12"s and tapes looking for certain tunes. This particular tape is of the UK's mighty Saxon Sound performing live in Brooklyn back in 1993...



  1. yooo step one this is a certified classic used to love my soundtapes late 80s early 90's keep em comin ..best blog site bar none...straight bangers for the oldies.. peace out domski.. keep the soundclashes comin got any coxsone, one love, unity , nasty love, metromedia, stone love ??

  2. glad you enjoyed it!
    i dont have a lot of sound tapes but a friend of mine has so Im gonna try and grab a few off him. I've got a few old Goldfinger/Asha World tapes and maybe a couple more Saxon ones so I'll see what i can do for you