Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Prime Cuts on One FM (1998)

Prime Kuts of the Scratch Perverts mixing on Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Show back in June 98. The selection is mainly classics and the indie joints of the day. As you'd expect theres some sick cuts and juggles aswell.
This is from the same show as the Harry Love mix I posted last week.


Some DJs really need to step their Google Image game up. More often than not, finding photos is the hardest thing about doing this blog. Fix up people!


  1. Same as the Harry Love set, an essential d-load... nice one!

  2. Whatever Westwood has become these days, the DJ mixes he used to buss back in the day were fire. Two Westwood mixes that stand out for me DJ Craze's old skool mix and the DJ Riz mixtape (or whatever fashionable internet name it goe's by these days). Keep up the good work y'all!!!

  3. I dont remember that Craze mix but the Riz one is near-legendary. I'm gonna try and dig out some more Westwood bits soon.