Monday 25 May 2009

Ice T live in New York (1992)

Ice T was one of the first rappers I really got into. I heard him being interviewed on Jeff Young's show on Radio 1 back in '88 when 'Power' came out. I bought it not long after. Being that I was only 10-11 years old at the time, the swearing and sex rhymes were obviously the main source of appeal but it still holds up when listened to today. 'Power', 'The Iceberg' and 'Original Gangster' are all solid sets and on my list of all time favourites. He definitely doesnt get acknowledged enough when people are discussing the legends and pioneers of Hip Hop's golden age.

This is a recording of a show from 1992, just after 'Original Gangster' had come out.


Quality on this is pretty good as its from a CD - Ice T & Bodycount 'In Your Face' (I didnt bother posting the Bodycount tracks) - and sounds like its straight from a DAT recording. These sort of things are quite common for rock and metal acts but quite rare in Hip Hop as far as I know. I once read that there was a loophole in copyright law in some European countries that meant you could get away with selling unlicensed live recordings. This CD is fully barcoded and released by a label in Italy. Weird.


  1. This has the potential of being spectacular. Big thanks for sharing this one.

  2. excellent, thanks.

    could you by any chance post the Body Count tracks as well?

  3. yeah, can u post the body count tracks as well