Sunday 10 May 2009

Best of Tim Westwood freestyles

As I posted some of the best material on this site within the first few weeks of its inception, alot of you might have missed some stuff.
With this in mind I've hooked up with the good peoples over at TROY to bring you a 'Best Of' set featuring all the freestyles I've posted from Tim Westwood's radio show.
It includes Akinyele & Sadat X, OC, Nas & De La Soul, Cam'ron, Das EFX, Biggie & Craig Mack, Snoop, Daz & Kurupt and a Masta Ace one that I havent posted on before.


If you dont know about the TROY blog I recommend you start checking it on a regular basis. The amount of obscure and rare material posted there is amazing and along with the forum that spawned it, its probably the best source on the net for classic Hip Hop.

I've got the real life responsibilities out of the way for the time being so normal service should be resumed with new posts a few times a week.


  1. westwood's freestyles 199x cassettes

  2. thanks for that! Ive got a couple of those but this saves me having to spend time ripping the tapes. I'll probably throw some of these up in a seperate post for the people that dont check the comments section.

  3. No,thanks to you,a taste to share with people who knows.Peace.

  4. I hadnt even clocked this Masta Ace joint before, this freestyle is SAVAGE !!!

    More Best ofs please.....

    Big respect as ever sir