Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Lord Tariq freestyle (1993)


This is taken from a Rell Love tape that Westwood played back in summer '93, with Tariq going off over Funky Child and the G Thang remix beats, and it's sufficiently rowdy. LT was definitely killing it on the mixtapes back then and I like to think that he could've dropped a great album in 93/94 with a half decent label behind him, although maybe that raw mixtape energy with familiar beats is part of the appeal. Guess we'll never know but it's a shame he doesn't have more official material from this period.


  1. Thanks for this one!
    Here's another Lord Tariq freestyle (over the Mass Appeal beat) I extracted from a 94 Smooth Dominent mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/luda-krisch/lord-tariq-freestyle-1994
    Tape rip came from grimeandlime.

  2. thanks man, I have that one from when you posted it on Philaflava. Very dope.