Tuesday, 1 September 2020

LL Cool J live in London (1987)

This a top notch recording out of Eddie's collection. LL Cool J live on the Def Jam Tour at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1987, where he was headlining with Eric B & Rakim and Public Enemy supporting. LL rips this shit and was fully on top the rap world at the time.
Despite some sterling detective work by Random Rap Radio (who also kindly assisted in improving the sound quality), I don't have an exact date but DJ Food has photos and memories of a show on the 1st November '87  and there's video footage from a different night, possibly the day before or after that, taken from BBC 2's Behind The Beat. Note the red Kangol in DJ Food's post and the white Kangol in the video.

On a related note - and as the annual Record Store Day nonsense has just passed - Bigger And Deffer really needs a nice double vinyl reissue with some extra tracks. A Lost Tapes album would be nice too, or at least a decent repress or digital issue of the Double L Cools Down LP. No? Ok, Wu Tang, Doom and Dilla reissues for the rest of our days it is then.

I can't record audio into my laptop at the moment but regular service should resume as soon as I get that sorted or can bring myself to buy a new laptop and reinstall everything.


  1. Is there any decent quality rips of that unreleased LL album?

    1. the one that was originally shared online wasn't great quality, not sure if if there's been another one since. I picked up a vinyl copy cheap but it skips on a few tracks. Someone else must have it though?

  2. Late 80s LL live recordings are always worth a listen.

  3. This was 1986, I was doing a yts and remember recording it on tape and playing it loud on the bus, man I was obnoxious back then.