Tuesday 26 November 2019

State Property - Hot 97 Takeover (2001)

Chances are you've heard this before, or at least some of it, but as it appeared on the second half of a Westwood show I just ripped I thought I'd post it up. Jay Z takes his crew of Philly spitters and Memphis Bleek up to Funk Flex's Hot 97 show and plays hypeman (somewhat annoyingly in hindsight) while they rap their AF1s off for the best part of 90 minutes. This is some legendary early 00s rap radio and no mistake. It's things like this where Spotify and their ilk will always fall short. Jay would make a killing if he could get mixtape shit like this on Tidal.

I'm not sure when this actually went down. Westwood is playing it in September but the time stamp on the camcorder footage on Youtube says January 2001. Anyone confirm?

The Radio 1 Rap Show I linked to above was actually the last one of the huge collection of tapes of shows from '99-'03 that I was given nearly 3 years ago. Can't believe I actually got them all done. The Westwood Archives Mixcloud page is looking pretty good as a result of that and contributions from others and is currently at 360 shows (mostly from myself) from 1987 to 2004. Still on the look out for more tapes so get in touch if you can help.

Other stuff that I meant to mention on the last update and forgot:

Filthy Rich stays busy cranking out the mixes, with his latest drops marking the anniversary releases of Pharoahe Monch's Internal Affairs and Method Man's Tical LPs

DJ Diablo (who's responsible for a good chunk of the Westwood tapes I've posted amongst other things) kicks off his new podcast with an interview with DJ MK. Some more big guests are promised for future episodes.

Random Rap Radio stays doing the most - recent posts include DJ Premier on Hot 97 back in '95, an Evil Dee Tape Kingz breakbeat mixtape and the classic Hobo Junction vs Heiroglyphics battle on the Wake Up Show in '94.

That should keep you busy.


  1. This was a heavy rhyme experience.

    And yep, too many transfers right now so gotta keep em comin, and yeh, we need to link again, I have more for you fella....and btw thank you sir !!