Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Don't Sleep #17
Alley High - Voo Doo / World Wide (1996)

Voo Doo is something that I've heard on a couple of different tapes over the years and it caught my attention both times, only for me to find what it was and then promptly forget about it. Thanks to Tobes for IDing it again this time around when it turned up on this Friday Nite Flavas show, after which I swiftly made a purchase before I forgot it again (it's hella rare that any records I want are not only reasonably priced but also available from a UK seller). Both sides of the 12" are nice, with a kind of Camp Lo vibe to them. It's a bit of an obscure one but well worth your attention.

All Discogs tells us about Alley High is that this was their only release, which is a shame as it sounds like they had some potential. What is surprising is that Voo Doo is produced by DJ Milo, who was a founder member of Bristol's legendary Wild Bunch crew. While some of the other members went off and became stoner/broadsheet favourites Massive Attack (and - if you believe the rumours - Banksy), Milo bounced to NYC, hooked up with Salaam Remi and had a hand in a track on Zhigge's album. Zhigge featured on a track on Harlem High Records's only release which is also a Milo production, and is likely the same imprint as Alley High's Harlem High Entertainment so they could well have been rolling with that whole crew.


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    1. yup. The beat kind of reminds me of One By One by Smut Peddlers

    2. Best description I can come up with for Voo Doo is Bohemian Sporty Thievz.