Friday 1 March 2019

Capital Rap Show 17.07.92 with Super Cat

The Wild Apache in London and on Westwood's show back in '92 when Ghetto Red Hot was starting it's journey towards certified classic status. This is quite a rare radio outing for him as far as I'm aware so big up Mr Lawson for the tape of this one.

Thanks to Salaam Remi, Super Cat pulled off the reggae hip hop thing better than anyone, with only those anonymous white label remixes of Bounty Killer tracks that were around in the mid to late 90s offering anything in the way of competition. If you're into that kind of thing check out Filthy Rich's Hip Hop Reggae mixtapes.


  1. Press from the Don Dada was def rare....can't wait to check this out. And thanks for the plug too homie

  2. Another smash hit ..... Here in the west coast crazy respect...keep them coming...