Monday 7 May 2018

DJ Filthy Rich - A Tribute To Craig Mack (2018)

Filthy Rich comes through with a mix dedicated to the Macklicious Fat Funk Flav boyaaaay!

Filthy Rich Intro (ft Jay Lamont on beatbox)
Flava In Ya Ear RMX (ft Biggie, Rampage, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes) [Filthy Rich Easy Mo ReFix]
Mainline (ft Redman) [Filthy Rich blend]
Get Down (Orig + RMX ft Q-Tip)
Makin Moves With Puff
MuchMusic Rap City freestyle
Special Delivery (ft Ghostface Killah) [Filthy Rich blend]
NYC Let's Go (ft Nas & Rakim) [Filthy Rich blend]
Straight In Ya Mouf
Judgement Day
Jockin My Style (ft Erick Sermon, Lord Finesse) [Filthy Rich's "Jockin For Beats" blend]
The Most Beautifullest Thing RMX (w Keith Murray) [Filthy Rich blend]
Brand New Nigga [Filthy Rich blend]
Tony Touch freestyle
Press Rewind (Mastermind EXCLUSIVE)
Mack Come Thru
What I Need [Official RMX + Filthy Rich blend]
On Da Run
You Don't Have To Worry (Verse)
Flava In Ya Ear [Filthy Rich blend]
What I Need (original version) [Filthy Rich blend]
Today's Forecast
When God Comes (ft Kanye West) [Doo Wop RMX + Orig + Filthy Rich blend]
Get Retarded (ft Canibus, Roxanne Shante) [Filthy Rich's "Retarded-er" blend]
Do You Have What It Takes? [Filthy Rich's "Street Fighter 2" ReFix]
Real Raw
Craig Mack & Biggie - Let Me Get Down (Original unreleased version)
Please Listen To My Demo
Heard It All Before
No One But You RMX (w/ Veronica)
Kick Your Game RMX (w/ TLC)
Vibin RMX (w/ Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Boyz II Men)
It's Alright (w/ Sista)
Spirit (w/ Sounds Of Blackness)
Wooden Horse (w/ Frank Sinatra)
If You Love Me RMX (w/ Brownstone)
Coronation Of A King
Tonight's The Night (w/ Blackstreet & SWV)
Flava In Ya Ear (ft EPMD, Keith Murray, Redman, Das Efx) [Filthy Rich's Hit Squad Mix]
Craig Mack & Biggie 1995 Westwood freestyle

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the support, Step One! Hoping this mix will remind people how dope Craig was, and how he was much more than just the guy who made 'Flava In Ya Ear'. This one is for the culture...