Saturday, 3 March 2018

Radio 1 Rap Show 10.09.99 with Phife & Lootpack

The world premier of Still DRE kicks things off here, and if you heard it at the time you'll probably remember it well as it's played 3 times back to back in it's entirety (and again in the last hour).

Phife Dawg and Lootpack are in the studio for part 2. Westwood posted up the freestyle from this already if you want it straight from the DAT.

and for the last part of the show there's a 2Pac tribute set for the 3rd anniversary of his death

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  1. Wow - I still remember that westwood show with the world premier of still DRE to this day!! I had just got my Renault 5 with some 6x9s installed and that dre track was simply epic... Nothing better than driving around with the windows down and car stereo volume to max. Those were the days