Saturday, 24 June 2017

Black Rob & Poo Cabrocke freestyle (1999)

A Black Rob freestyle is always welcome around these parts so cheers to Grime & Lime for extracting this from Silva Sirfa's 'Fuck The World' mixtape and hooking me up. BR and Poo Cabrocke (no, me neither - the only mention I can find of him was an appearance on a 2010 G Dep album that I forgot/didn't know existed). He sounds decent enough and goes b2b with Rob over the instrumental of Pace Won's 'Step Up'.

As I mentioned in the post below, I was putting together a comp of Prodigy freestyles which I ended up posting up on twitter and a couple of forums the other day. I think they've all been posted on this blog before over the last few years but if you want them all in one place then here you go


  1. Came up on a Rob & Ma$e song I'd never heard before t'other day: Give It Up.

    Sounds like it might be one of the first tracks Rob recorded for Bad Boy.