Wednesday 26 April 2017

Prodigy - Radio 1 Rap Show freestyles (2000)

"are you listening to the words or listening to the beat? listen to the words man!"

17 years ago this past weekend the M-O-B-B appeared on Westwood's show. Prodigy proceeded to go in with a 15 minute freestyle which I've kindly seperated into the 3 tracks you see above. Hearing him over The Lox's 'Fuck You' is a highlight.

If you want to listen to the whole show that those freestyle are taken from, you can find the first hour herePart 2 with Fab 5 Freddy is here and part 3 with Prodigy, Havoc and Alchemist is below

When you see your average generic American rap fan online debtaing their Top 5 rappers, or asking who the GOAT is, it's pretty much always the same fucking names. Having listened to helluva lot of Mobb Deep in the last few months (party because I was making this mix, which I highly recommend if you haven't checked it) I would say that Prodigy at his peak should definitely be in that conversation, but that rarely seems to be the case.

With that in mind, if you missed them...

Prodigy - You Ain't A Killer freestyle (1997)

Prodigy & Ty Nitty - DJ Clue freestyle (1996)

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