Sunday 3 January 2016

McGruff 'Harlem Kids Get Biz' (DJ Step One blend)

Right, back to some proper no nonsense mid 90s rap music. Here's the acapella of Herb McGruff's dope 'Harlem Kids Get Biz' blended with Jemini's 'Brooklyn Kids' instrumental. You see what I did there?

The Jemini beat is by the perenially underrated Minnesota who has a host of quality tracks to his name but for some reason never quite quite blew up like some might have expected. The original McGruff track was produced by Spunk Bigga, who's career was probably held back by his choice of name more than anything. Judging by the lack of Google image results for him it looks like he knows it too.


  1. It's a brave man who Google image searches Spunk Bigga.

  2. that did cross my mind while I was searching