Wednesday 14 October 2015

Don't Sleep #9
Ill Mannered Posse 'Scanlous' (1989)

Taking it to The Bay for Don't Sleep #9. I don't know too much about Ill Mannered Posse other than they were from San Francisco and lead rapper Cougnut died in 2001. A bit more research for this post reveals Andre Nickatina was also a member and their handful of underground releases fetch a few quid on Discogs.
'Scanlous' came out when West Coast rap still had a recognisable East Coast influence, in this case with some PE and LL samples being cut up in the chorus. It brings to mind early Compton's Most Wanted which is obviously a good thing...

This was discovered way back in 1989-90 when my mate Rob, who was doing reasonably well for himself in the acting biz (considering he was 11) and  was doing a job in London. An American kid he was performing with gave him a TDK that included this song and also served as my introduction to the Geto Boys, in particular 'Do It Like A G.O', 'Gangster Of Love' and 'Mr Scarface'. Safe to say it stayed in rotation for along time.


  1. havent heard any of their other stuff. Will have to investigate.

  2. The Back In The Days album Bitch Made is on Spotify. Kinda like a Cali equivalent of the Geto Boys Till Death Do Us Part.