Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Don't Sleep #9
Ill Mannered Posse 'Scanlous' (1989)

Taking it to The Bay for Don't Sleep #9. I don't know too much about Ill Mannered Posse other than they were from San Francisco and lead rapper Cougnut died in 2001. A bit more research for this post reveals Andre Nickatina was also a member and their handful of underground releases fetch a few quid on Discogs.
'Scanlous' came out when West Coast rap still had a recognisable East Coast influence, in this case with some PE and LL samples being cut up in the chorus. It brings to mind early Compton's Most Wanted which is obviously a good thing...

This was discovered way back in 1989-90 when my mate Rob, who was doing reasonably well for himself in the acting biz (considering he was 11) and  was doing a job in London. An American kid he was performing with gave him a TDK that included this song and also served as my introduction to the Geto Boys, in particular 'Do It Like A G.O', 'Gangster Of Love' and 'Mr Scarface'. Safe to say it stayed in rotation for along time.


  1. Nice one!

    I'm only up on the later I.M.P shit. Bitch Made is a personal favourite.

  2. havent heard any of their other stuff. Will have to investigate.

  3. The Back In The Days album Bitch Made is on Spotify. Kinda like a Cali equivalent of the Geto Boys Till Death Do Us Part.