Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Don't Sleep #6
Da Ranjahz ft Jay Z 'Bulletproof' (1998)

Had a minor set back involving (what else) the world's most jinxed laptop. Seems to be working ok for now so I thought I'd post up this month's installment of Don't Sleep for you. 
Da Ranjahz have a had a strange career in the rap game, having been around since the mid 90s and putting out material on a host of different labels but never really getting a consistent run of releases together. They did seem to have a pretty good relationship with that dude that rapped on 'Crazy In Love' and were signed to the ill fated Carter Faculty imprint . They were also fortunate  enough to be rolling with The ROC around the time when Jigga didn't mind doing the clean up verse on a hookless mixtape joint. 'Bulletproof' - which appears on this rather handy bootleg 12" - follows the same concept as Organized Konfusion's 'Stray Bullet' and 'I Gave You Power' by Nas, but it's better than both of those songs...

I'm pretty certain that 'Insp-Her-Ation' could've been a reasonably big mainstream track with the right push. Records like that charted back then, and we know how much Alan and Becky in HR seem to enjoy Cee Lo.  I suppose the fact it wasn't means it hasn't been rendered unlistenable by being heard every hour of every day for a year though.


  1. bought this ages ago. 'Just Because' by AZ on the flipside makes for a good a value purchase