Friday 27 June 2014

DJ Marvin - Volume 15 (1997)

This tape is nice! Its from '97 so I'm pretty sure I would've bought it from Deal Real Records (possibly on the same day I copped Royal Flush's LP). Marvin was an English DJ. I can't really find any info on him but I've been told that he might've been from Southend and possibly lives in Jamaica now. Anyway, he's got skills....


Whu Tang!

Also, shout to DJ MK...


  1. Wow! Thanks Dope tape!

  2. A Super DOPE Underground Mixtape from Mix Master Marvin who as far as I’m aware is still DJing to this day on radio in Jamaica. He also made some Dope mixes for The Number Man 279’s Hip Hop Show on Choice FM around 1996/97 and he was featured on Tim Westwoods Mix Master Weekend on BBC Radio 1.
    Unfortunately Vol 15 was the last Mixtape in the series as he returned back to Jamaica shortly after it realised.
    Side Note - The Mixtape featured a demo version of his first production which was never released. This featured his MC/MIC Man Elementre aka L.