Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tim Westwood - Capital Rap Show (1994)

No date on this tape but I'm going with early 1994 (could be late '93 though). Ladbroke Grove's Cash Crew are in the studio plus there's tunes by MOP, Wu Tang, Gang Starr and Big Daddy Kane.
Jay The Sultan checks in from NYC for the rap report and drops a sneaky snippet of 'Life's A Bitch' over the phone and there's a some classics by EPMD, Ultimate Force and Eric B & Rakim. Lovely.

Shout to Junior Pepaseed once again for this one.


  1. According to one source the gangsta rap hearings in Washington happened on 23rd February 1994, so this could be Friday 25th February.

  2. According to this compilation about the gangster rap hearings happened on February 11, 1994:

    so it could also potentially come from Feb the 18th.