Friday, 26 July 2013

DJ Cinema 'End Of Summer' (2008)

Posts have been less frequent than usual while I make the most of this sunshine. British summers tend to be over way too soon these days so spending them hunched over laptop isn't really the way to go.
Anyway, this blend by DJ Cinema definitely has a summer vibe about it. I called it a blend but its a bit more than that. He's taken that all-too-short piano and vocal from the intro to Oukast's 'Atliens' and made a whole new beat out of it. Add some verses from AZ, Kanye, CL Smooth, Nas and Tony Gambino (I assume he's Cinema's homie) and you've got yourself a dope track.


I've kept this in regular rotation since I grabbed it off Cinema's 'The Chronic' mixtape. It works really well not least because he's gone for some different acapellas and they all compliment each other nicely.

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