Sunday 15 January 2012

LL Cool J 'Rasta Imposter' (1998)

A quick refresher then: LL had already responded to 'Second Round KO' with 'The Ripper Strikes Back'. That lead to Wyclef dropping the comparatively weak 'Whats Clef Got To With It' (it had a Naomi Campbell cameo if you don't remember). LL then shot back with this; 5 minutes of A1 battle raps over the 'It's My Thing' beat...

(Both pressings of this have the same crackle throughout the track, so its the recording itself rather than the vinyl!)


  1. There was also this late entry by Canibus but I don't think anyone really cared by then:

  2. yeah I remember that one. Wasnt that great and it was a bit too late to be considered anything other than a cry for attention!


    Props over here, I completely forgot about this one. Also surfaced recently